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Five Reasons Why Unborn Life Should Be Defended

Yesterday, a draft of the US Supreme Court opinion to overturn Roe v Wade was leaked by an anonymous source and reported on by Politico. If carried forward, this decision would be an enormous victory for the pro-life cause. While nothing is yet certain, this is a good occasion for us to reflect on why the pro-life cause should be near to the heart of God’s people. Below are five reasons why unborn life should be defended.

1) God is the giver of life, and life begins in the womb.
“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.” -Psalm 139:13

2) Scientific study confirms that life begins in the womb at conception.
Upon conception (fertilization), a new organism that did not previously exist comes into being. This new organism has its own DNA distinct from the mother and father, meaning that it is a unique person (and thus an image-bearer of God). Life Action Article

3) Abortion deprives a person of his/her future.
Abortion should be opposed for the same reason murdering someone outside of the womb should be opposed—it steals from that person life that would otherwise be lived.

4) A person’s right to life is not determined by age, size, or ability (mental or physical).
If a person’s right to life was determined by such factors, then killing newborn babies, the disabled, and the elderly would be up for debate. However, we know from both Scripture and moral intuition that these lives are not up for debate! Consistency demands that we acknowledge the same for unborn babies.

5) A person’s right to life is not determined by whether or not they are wanted.
This statement should ring true to everyone, yet sadly, US law denies it. While many states in the US are right to recognize that forcibly killing a mother’s unborn baby is murder (which Old Testament law also recognizes), US law guarantees the right to kill that same unborn baby as long as it is unwanted by the mother. Scripture, on the other hand, calls upon us to protect and care for those who are vulnerable and unwanted (James 1:27). This includes protecting their lives as well as providing for their needs (e.g. crisis pregnancy support and adoption services).

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